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Home of selected straigh Egyptian Arabian Horses in Umbria, Italy

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Water is best at the source

Arabian horses are very special – in their beauty, their proud noblesse, their movements, but also their sweet character and their intelligent reliability. Firmly rooted in the Bedouin culture of the Orient up to today, the breed has been the dream of horse lovers for ages – and as they made their dreams come true, they also made Arabian horses the “citizens of the world” they are nowadays.

Breeding Arabian horses usually begins as a hobby, with people becoming professional breeders by and by, slowly learning what it takes to perform the art of interpreting genetic clues as well as the language and signs horses use to communicate with us. To breed successfully, to have success not just as an accident, it’s not enough to be able to read a pedigree and to work at improving mere looks. It takes respect for the horses.

Monika Savier

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